All advertising material must be submitted via NADA.
The only requirement for using NADAexpress is access to the internet. Ads must be complete PDF files before logging on and transmitting them to Aller Media.

At, you can find all the information you need about the service.

NADAexpress login page
NADAexpress is an online service for sending advertising material to Norwegian newspapers and magazines. Registered users have more options and more efficient use. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to be registered, you can still use a limited part of NADAexpress.

NB! E-MAIL should be used with the prior agreement of the recipient only.
Send to:
Advertising material must not be sent to individuals.

In cases where the advertising material is not submitted in accordance with the latest deadline, the customer will be invoiced. The sum will depend on how far Aller Trykk has proceeded with the production of the magazine. This might be up to NOK 10,000 for a delay of one day. Delays beyond this will incur significant additional costs.


Advertising materials are archived for a maximum of six months after the date of sale and will be deleted automatically after this time unless otherwise specified.


For the submission of digital advertising materials to Aller Media, the PDF format (. pdf) must be used. The PDF will be stored in version 1.6 or later. Transparent elements must be converted.
High-resolution images and fonts must be embedded in the file.


PDF, version 1.6.
All digital ads must be complete, with embedded fonts and high-resolution illustrations and images.
All colour illustrations and images should preferably be in RGB.
Minimum image resolution: 254 dpi.


TAC = Total Area Coverage (Total amount of colour. We allow 300% on coated paper and 270% on uncoated paper).


If the ads contain graphics, it is important to ensure that any text is converted into vector graphics.


The ads must be produced in bleed format. Bleed formats include 4 mm cropping, i.e. produce ad with net marks + 4 mm cropping on all four sides so that your ad can be placed randomly on the right or left-hand side.

Information about formats – see the magazine's ad website.
If the format of the ad does not match the measurements given, we will be able to resize the ad disproportionately +/- 5 percent (height/width).


Advertiseing disclaimer

The advertiser/advertising agency guarantees that the information provided in the ads is correct and that the correct material has been submitted. 

Aller Media has at all times the right to block advertising with immediate effect if the chief editor discovers that the content or design of the ad is in breach of Norwegian law, good business practice, advertising practice or that the ad violates the editorial profile of the publication in question.

Aller Media accepts no liability for the content of the ad, and will hold the advertiser liable for any loss or damages Aller Media incurs as a result of the ad. The advertiser undertakes to indemnify Aller Media against any third party claims submitted as a result of the ad. Aller Media's maximum liability is limited to the cost price of the ad.

Ads must not have a distinctly editorial look. The identity of the advertiser must be clear, i.e. ads must end with a logo or trademark. In some cases, a product image without a logo may be sufficient, but this must be approved in advance.
Please note that ads with an editorial slant and/or without the clear identity of the advertiser must be marked with the word Advertisement in the top right-hand corner. Font "Helvetica condensed bold, 14pt caps", or similar font and size. We reserve the right to mark umarked ads.