About us

Foto: Höegh Eiendom
Foto: Höegh Eiendom

Aller Media is one of Norway's largest media groups. Through leading editor-managed medias such as Dagbladet, Dinside, KK, SOL and Se og Hør, we reach 2.9 million Norwegians every week with good, relevant and entertaining content.

We have 3 important missions:

1. The news mission

2. The entertainment mission

3. The information mission

How we work with advert sales

Our commercial department helps you as an advertiser to achieve your sales and marketing goals. How do we do it? Well, we connect your brand with the readers and target groups you want to reach. No one knows our 2.9 million readers better than us - and we know how to reach and engage them through branding and tactical communication solutions.

To measure the effect of invested advertising capital, we have developed a solution called Aller Effekt. This is a measurement that documents how digital advertising affects the brand. We do this through a selection of industry trackers and associated campaign metrics.

PÅ JAKT: Kommersiell direktør Chris Tallerås Steen i Aller Media er på jakt etter flere hoder. Foto: Thomas Rasmus Skaug

Dear customers,

Here at Aller Media, we work every single day to deliver the best possible results for you. We are the challenger who always goes further, sets the list higher and bets bigger. With us, the customer is always at the center and our most important ambition as a partner is to ensure that you achieve the goals you have set. Through skilled employees, strong brands and creative solutions, we create the very best results - together. Contact us! We're here for you.

Chris Tallerås Steen

Commercial Director

Key figures

2.9 mill.
Weekly readers
63 %
Coverage in total
52 %
48 %
2.6 mill.
Readers digital / week
56 %
Coverage digital / week
1.0 mill
Readers print
22 %
Coverage print

Source: Kantar Forbruker & Media Q2 2022 - MGI