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Every day Dagbladet aims to be the first and best at breaking news, exclusive articles and the biggest talkies.


Dagbladet.no is growing strongly, and is one of Norway's leading news websites with 1.2 million readers every day.

Around the clock you will be updated in news, sport and entertainment - and it is these three areas of content that are by far the most important to our users. Dagbladet's users should feel updated, informed and entertained.

Breaking news in all areas is Dagbladet's most important content area. Dagbladet is also strong in consumer journalism, cultural journalism and we have extensive feature journalism.

Our political stance is liberal, with a social profile.

Dagbladet's readers are overrepresented in the modern segments with higher education and media consumption than average. They are also above average interested in subject areas such as politics, travel, health and social life, school, business, theatre, film, literature and music.

Dagbladet is one of the newspapers in Norway that has had the fewest strikes in the Press' Professional Committee in recent years.


As a tabloid newspaper, Dagbladet combines the pointed and the broad. Through reports and debate material, we will be a central contributor to the public discourse.

Dagbladet is independent and critical of power. We are open, generous and tolerant when it comes to human relations and cultural expression, and is opposed to all forms of moralism and oppression.

Dagbladet is in a rational tradition that emphasizes reason, and the knowledge-based are a prerequisite for recognition and development.

The typical Dagbladet readers are modern and community-oriented, with higher education and media consumption than average. They are above average interested in areas such as politics, consumer drugs, health, cohabitation, film, books, music and business.

Frode Hansen

When you choose Dagbladet, you choose to advertise in one of Norway's largest and most groundbreaking newspapers. Dagbladet is a rapidly growing newspaper, and at a time when more and more medias are locking their content behind paywalls, Dagbladet's goal is to become the largest site in Norway on mobile. Dagbladet has both enormous traffic and control over its own data. We can offer a safe, relevant and editor-controlled environment.

Frode Hansen

Editor-in-chief, Dagbladet

Key figures

Dekning totalt

Weekly readers
46 %
54 %



12 – 19 yrs


20 – 39 yrs


40 – 59 yrs


60 yrs +

Audience's interests

84 %
82 %
Personal economy
84 %
Food and beverage
81 %
Travel and vacation
72 %
Exercise and training
67 %
Renovation and maintenance of housing
56 %
38 %
Cars and motors

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