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Din side

Norway's most useful website that makes everyday life easier for you.

At Dinside.no you will find tips and advice for your everyday life, news about housing and home, tests of electric cars and motors, most things about your digital day-to-day life and personal finances.

Din Side is Norway's leading – and the web's oldest – consumer website. At Dinside.no you can read insightful tests, smart tips, advice and news. We focus on quality journalism, and the journalists contribute new and useful tests and calculatotions every single day.

Our focus areas are home, computer and mobile, car, personal finance, travel and leisure.

Din Side's product recommendations and tests have great impact and are frequently used to highlight the products that have been tested. Din Side is also quoted by a number of other medias.

We aim to be the buyer's best friend, by providing readers with entertaining, inspiring, correct and fresh information!

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Din Side is a useful and important player in the Norwegian media market. We are among Norway's 10 largest websites and are very popular. Going forward, we have made ambitious plans and I am absolutely certain that more and more readers will seek out to Din Side.

Rolf Fiske

Editor, Din Side