Erlend Elias

Erlend Elias2

Makeup Artist, Hairdresser, Speaker and TV Personality

Erlend Elias is a well-known stylist and makeup artist in Norway. He has participated in TV shows such as "Skal vi danse", "Farmen Kjendis", and "Camp Kulinaris". He is also a fitness influencer, as seen in his own series "Erlend Elias søker lykken". He has also taken on a spokesperson role for people who are different, which earned him the title of "Årets Nordlending" in 2014 and "Årets Homotopp" in 2015.

He co-hosts the podcast "Erlend Elias og Erik Anders" with his brother, Erik Anders Sæter. Erlend Elias grew up in Storjord in the Tysfjord municipality in Nordland. After finishing school, he moved to Oslo at the age of 19 and worked in the wardrobe at the ChatNoir revue theater. From there, he worked his way into the industry, including assisting a renowned stylist. He has also taken education in hair, makeup, and fashion.

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