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KK is the updated friend who provides tips, inspiration and news regardless of platform. With its various ventures, KK offers a completely unique universe for Norwegian women.


KK.no is the KK-universes digital heart. At KK.no you will find daily news and tips within fashion, beauty, entertainment, diet and exercise, in addition to everyday health, interior design and relationships.

We are passionate about telling inspiring stories about real women, both through larger portraits and series of articles. KK.no always presents the content in a professionally credible, smart and entertaining way. We are interested in good, vivid language and journalism that reflects what the reader is interested in throughout the day, week, month and season.

Inspiration and utility value should help motivate our readers, whether it is fashion, lifestyle, dating, family life, exercise or diet. KK.no has a positive approach and roots for the reader.

The KK-reader is a modern, active and social woman. She is always up to date on her areas of interest and likes to have an overview of the latest trends. This undoubtedly makes her an opinion leader who is happy to tell the whole group of friends what is going on right now. She seeks out a lot of information and gets involved. She is often seen as a source of inspiration!


Print-issues of KK are in sale every 14 days. The magazine has exciting content such as portraits of interesting women, feature articles about health, work, career, finances and opinions.

In addition, of course, you get the popular content that KK is known for - such as fashion and beauty.

KK stands for quality and good journalism, but also innovation, something the brand has won a number of media awards for - including Magazine of the Year in 2016 and 2022.

KK on print is inspiring, inclusive, diverse, entertaining, sometimes gripping - and we always focus on the good reading experience.

Ingeborg KK

For you as an advertiser, KK.no is a safe place to be. Editor-controlled medias are attractive for a reason, and at KK.no we are concerned about seriousness both in the message we convey and in those we collaborate with. KK.no is concerned with diversity and inclusion, which will go hand in hand with inspiration, entertainment and good journalism. In addition, we offer Norway's largest gathering place for women and a fully segmented target group.

Ingeborg Heldal

Chief Editor, KK



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