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Norway's most visited website about body and health, where medical specialists, nurses and journalists work to give you accurate and safe information on health issues.

Our medical specialists have answered more than 50,000 questions since 1998, about body, physical and mental health. Even if our advisory service closed in 2021, we still work with a number of specialists that write articles and answer questions within their fields.

Here you can read facts about about diseases and other health issues. We are strict about sources, to ensure good, thorough and correct information about your health.

Lommelegens editorial office have strict press ethics and rules. Safe information about health to the people!

Elisabeth Lofthus

Here you will find the readers in a unique mode and with right messages placed in relevant surroundings. The typical reader of Lommelegen is mature and seeking information about personal, a close friend or relatives health. They are concerned with making the right choices that leads to good health or reliefs pain. Research has shown that our readers visit the farmacies and uses medicine more often than average person. Lommelegen conveys knowledge, safety and care, and the medical professionals who stand behind the message or that has been interviewed.

Elisabeth Lofthus

Chief Editor, Lommelegen