Marit Røttingnes Westlie (Fru Timian)

Fru Timian

Delicious food for the whole family!

Fru Timian is the marketer who moved from Oslo to Rakkestad in Østfold and decided she didn't want to spend her life commuting to the capital city. "I can bake," she thought, and that's how her little food adventure began. Fru Timian celebrated her 10th anniversary in January 2022. The blog posts several new recipes every week.

All with a desire to inspire delicious food for the whole family. Every Sunday, Fru Timian posts a weekly menu for the upcoming week, with 7 dinner recipes, one cake recipe, and one yeast pastry recipe. She also sends out a newsletter to all subscribers. Through both the blog and all social media, Fru Timian wants to convey what is also her slogan: "Enjoy life! Enjoy the food!"

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