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Se og Hør is Norway's most important entertainment channel - both print and digital.


The latest news and the most private revelations about Norwegian and international celebrities can be found at seoghø! Around the clock Se og Hør covers the biggest news and the most exciting gossip about celebrities and royalty in Norway and abroad.

Se og Hør online is without a doubt Norway's largest pure celebrity and entertainment platform, and has a joint editorship with It has made an enormous impact in the media landscape in recent years.

Here you get the latest news about the celebrities via both text, pictures and video. In recent years, the website has also invested heavily in celebrity TV through the major investment "Rød Løper", which is published both on seoghø, and Dagbladet.

The mantra for the editors is "what are we talking about today?" and that is reflected in the content on seoghø We follow up on the big talking points and are always up to speed with the latest news.

Tuesday - Print

Ever since the magazine was first published 40 years ago, we have made life happier for the Norwegian people. We cover a wide range of topics throughout Norway and the combination of celebrity material from home and abroad, royal content and travel reports is a unique content mix.

Se og Hør makes life happier for the people - and most of all for the women. Those who take Se og Hør with them in their shopping basket will go home and enjoy themselves.

They want to read heartwarming stories about celebrities they like or articles about people who have experienced something difficult. They want travel tips for places they want to go and like to read about places they dream of visiting. In addition, they will be entertained by news stories from the norwegian glitteraty and read about the glamorous lives of international stars.

Extra - Print

For over 40 years, Se og Hør has made life happier for the Norwegian people, and that's twice a week since 2003. The good stories are always headlining. The hot, intimate issues that move the readers. Se og Hør is a magazine for the whole family and we interview famous people about topics that everyone is concerned about.

Ever since the magazine was "born", the TV-guide has been an important reason why people buy Se og Hør. We take that seriously and develop products all the time.

In the spring of 2014 the TV-guide was once again new, with even more pages and reviews of films and TV series.

There are also many who love the crossword, sudoku, quizzes and competitions in the print editions of Se og Hør. The reader can also download every edition of Se og Hør anywhere and anytime. The magazine is available as a single issue in the App Store, or as a subscription purchase in i-mags.

Portrett Ulf Andre Andersen

Se og Hør will be the biggest and best in celebrity news. Here you get joy, excitement and madness and everything you need to know from the world of entertainment. We work around the clock to cover what readers want to know about Norwegian and international celebrities and royalty. There is great pride in being the best at entertainment and strong stories, and showing this on all our platforms.

Ulf André Andersen

Chief Editor, Se og Hør