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SOL is Norway's largest editorial news feed and has gone from being a portal to becoming a high quality news generator with very loyal users.

Every day, over a quarter of a million readers visit the front page. Some several times a week and others 10-12 times every day.

We have manned one of the country's best news desks around the clock. We sort, prioritize, discard, lift and mix a front page that should give you the best overview of what's happening online in Norway at all times.

Five thousand Norwegian pieces of news passes through's machine and human filters every day. Our most important job is to ensure that readers have an overview of the news that matters to them.

There are five topics our readers are particularly interested in. These are housing, motoring, health, travel and food.

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When you advertise on, you communicate with a quarter of a million users daily. Those who read Sol love news, and visit us many times every day. Our users are not centered in the biggest cities, but live scattered throughout the country.

Andreas Heen Haaland-Carlsen