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Vi logo white offers older readers detailed articles and give good answers to anything one might wonder about in a later stage in life.

Life goes through different stages, both bad and good. Many of these happen at an older age: the kids move out, you consider an apartment instead of a house or maybe it's finally time to invest in your dream-cabin. New issues occur in life - both financial, emotional or with your health. This is where entres.

Aller Media believes that this audience deserves it's own online magazine, and that's why they launched in 2018.

At, we take our mature readers and their needs seriously! We deliver quality journalism that’s centered around economy, health and life itself. We’re always here for our 50+ readers.

GG8 A2724 2's goal is to help readers to a better life by writing about what concerns them in their stage of life. We answer questions about personal economy and pension, health related issues and relationships. We give our readers updates on current news that concerns the readers. That's how we are going to reach even more readers in 2022, which we have already begun through good articles.

Berit B. Njarga

Chief Editor,