Stickyboard is a desktop format only, and is placed on the right and left-hand side of the news picture. The ad is sticky, which means it follows the scroll down the website and is highly visible to the reader. This format is available on front pages and in articles.


  • Size of format

    300x600 / 160x600 / 180x500

  • Device

    Desktop and tablet

  • Supported file formats

    gif, jpg and html

  • Max load

    100 kb

General specifications


Aller Media are basing the processing of data on legitimate interest (opt out) as the legal basis under the GDPR law. Our purpose of using data in connection with the targeting of advertisements is a balance between our end users' right to privacy and funding free and independent journalism. In order to make use of the legitimate interest option, we focus on good control over data, good transparency and effective control options for our end users.


Aller Media focus on good transparency and control options for our end users. In order to give end users such control, we must have control over which third parties have access to data, and for what purposes they can use data.

Aller Media are therefore limiting the number of third-party vendors that can be used in connection with digital purchases on websites connected to Aller Media.


This list applies to both direct and programmatic buy. Any other actor who does not appear on this list will not be able to buy from Aller Media.

SSP that are on Aller Media’s inclusion list:

Google (Doubleclick), Adform, Improve Digital, Magnite (Rubicon), OMG Zero (on Adform platform), Matterkind (on Adform platform), MSupply (on Xandr platform), C-alt (on Adnuntius platform), Kobler (Essens)

DSP that are on Aller Media’s inclusion list:

Google DV360, Adform, Xandr (AppNexus), BidTheatre, Delta Project, RTB House, The Trade Desk, Criteo, Widespace (Azerion), Emerse

Changes will occur.

If you are cooperating with a media agency and you are unsure of which tools they can use, please contact your agency. The agencies are informed about our inclusion list.

If you wish to add a third-party which is not on our inclusion list. Please contact our GDPR department at [email protected]

Please notice that non-compliance of our new guidelines regarding third-parties does not provide grounds for compensation.