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We collaborate with strong profiles who are all good at communicating stories in their own way and to their target audience.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are people with immense influence and through influencer marketing, you communicate through profiles with credibility and a loyal following. This is where the advertiser meets the customer on their terms - in a chosen forum. Influencer collaborations can contribute to increased sales and also brand recognition - because people trust people!

How we work with influencers

Our profiles are present in a number of channels - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, blog, and increasingly TikTok. We constantly work to optimize the dissemination of the profiles' content - both on their channels, but also on Aller Media's channels to ensure good coverage. This can be done through content articles, print, digital ads, social media, and much more. This gives the campaign a longer lifespan and increased reach.

Our profiles are connected to well-known brands that can broaden the campaign and put it in a credible context. We have the opportunity to offer a 360-solution based on the profiles' content.

Our profiles cover categories such as fitness, health, family life, lifestyle, fashion, food, culture, and economics. As a customer, you can buy everything in the media mix under one roof. For example, display, social media, print, video, native, etc.