Meeting a reader with an ad that thematically and / or communicatively touches the content with the reader's mode is often very effective. Read here what opportunities you have to create such contexts.

There are different ways to create contexts, from very simple choices of niche websites and / or sections, to technically controlled solutions. The purpose is to create an optimal relevance between reader, content and advertisement.

The most granular solutions are about either directing ads towards "tags" or towards "keywords". The great value in this approach arises when advertising communication is tailored to the purpose / task and not just a general communication.

Price surcharge: 15 CPM


These are descriptive words for an article that are set manually by a journalist to any article. These can be generic words such as "food" or "housing", or thematic words such as "Norgesferie" or "electricity prices".


These are specific words, or a combination of words, that are found in the text and that are read by a script on our pages. If you want a presence related to "yoga", the ad is delivered to the articles where this word occurs. Alternatively, the word "yoga" must be combined with "pilates" for the ad to deliver.