Differences in campaign statistics

On some occasions, statistics will differ slightly between the advertiser and publisher depending on which tracking system Is being used. If the difference is larger than 10% we wish to investigate if there have been any technical errors. To investigate further we will need a detailed daily report from the agency to see if any specific day or device stands out. In addition, we routinely check all material tags and potential communication that’s been going on throughout the campaign period.

Differences in campaign statistics can be a consequence of the different third-party suppliers and the different ad systems used. Not all systems track data the same way based on individual technical foundations. At Aller Media we are using Google Ad Manager as a tracking system.

Potential causes of deviations:
• Different methods when counting data. Google Ad Manager will start counting when a campaign receives its first view – whilst other third party systems may start counting when the call reaches the server. Some systems will count as the call is being made, while others will count when the ad is fully loaded. There will always be some delays. Based on some systems, some requests will be classified as robots based on user agent or IP, these will be drawn from the statistics from the third-party system.

• Technical response time. The very first request will usually go to third-party servers, by then only the 1x1 pixel will count. It normally takes 0,2-0,8 seconds for the ad to load, depending on the user's connection to the site and the third-party system. During this delay there may occur interruptions such as the user's action (closing browser, cancel loading page, clicking back/forward etc.) or in case of lost internet connection.

• Unusually slow loading time. Bad or interrupted internet connection can cause or lead to deviations.

• User behaviour. Users can navigate further to new pages before the site is fully loaded. The user can also exit the site before the page is fully loaded.

• Ad blockers. Different ad blockers can block different ad servers. A potential outcome can mean that Allers ad server is not blocked, while a third-party ad server is blocked. Naturally the third-party ad server will not be able to count views – while Allers ad servers can.

• Campaigns with few impression goals. A small number deviation can lead to high percentage deviation in smaller campaigns. For example, if your campaign is only set to deliver 100 views per day, and there is a deviation of 30 views it will naturally be a 30% deviation that day. Therefore, it’s important to take the entire campaign into account.