Information regarding deadlines, changes and cancellations

Reservation conditions

  • Reservations made for ad exposure in the current month or intersect the upcoming month must be confirmed within 48 hours – or else the reservation will cease.
  • Reservations made for ad exposure one or more months ahead must be confirmed within 7 days.
  • For all reservations the “24-hour rule” applies. Meaning other customers whom wish to advertise on at the same spot can have the spot if not confirmed within 24 hours.

Conditions regarding cancellations and changes

  • Corrections, postponements and cancellations must be confirmed in writing at latest 10 days before campaign start
  • In case of cancellation or changes within 10 days before campaign start the full amount as originally agreed on will be invoiced.
  • For agreements with a duration of one month or longer there will be a mutual notice period of 1/3 of the total agreement period. Please notice – this is only applicable if the agreement is active.
  • Aller Media may terminate the contract if the ad is not following the marketing act or is not approved by the chief editor.
  • Aller Media is not responsible for storing material for longer than 2 months after the campaign has ended.
  • The content of the contract should be treated confidential from both parties. This obligation also applies after the contract is terminated.
  • Any dispute in connection with this agreement shall be resolved by Norwegian law and with the Oslo district court as the legal venue.

Deadlines and delivery

    • Correctly made material must be delivered at least 3 days before campaign start. This rule is also applicable to all material that will be exchanged during the campaign period.
    • Special concepts such as dominance or expanding ads must be delivered 7 days before campaign start

If material is received beyond the deadline, Aller Media cannot guarantee that the campaign will start in time.

All digital material shall be sent to: t[email protected]

The email should contain the following information:

  • Customer name and/or campaign name
  • Campaign dates
  • URL/landingpage and tracking links (if applicable)

Do not hesitate to contact your contact person or our Traffic-team if you have any questions.