Native ads- direct sold

Native Ads can be delivered in the following sizes: 300x250, 320x250, 300x600, 580x400 and 980x300.

Image: Aspect ratio equals 1.91:1 which indicates the width is almost twice as wide as the height.

  • If you are unsure of a picture aspect ratio you can use an aspect ratio calculator, which is available on the web.
  • Maximum size is 1200x627 pixles, however our recommendations are 580x304 pixles.
  • Maximum weight is 100kb

Advertiser: No more than 25 characters

Title: No more than 90 characters (recommended quantity is 25 characters)

Logo (optional): In some sizes (300x250, 320x250 and 580x400) the logo will become very small if using an aspect ratio wider than 3:1

  • Aspect ratio from 1:1 to 3:1 (recommended is 2:1)
  • Recommended sizes range from 128x128 to 384x128 pixles
  • Maximum weight is 50kb